Wednesday, June 06, 2012

where i don't understand at all....

it's holidays. and i don't feel like one. and i hate this feelings. this is where i don't understand at all, where everybody is having a wonderful life every minutes and every seconds with their beloved ones. while i have to share my emptiness with myself.

i feel really lonely right now. having no one to share my thoughts and one to lend the ears hearing my story life. i am all alone. fortunately, i have my sweetheart, my baby. he is all that i have now. sharing the laughter and tears together. though, i still feel empty.

and he's just gone! to pursue his dreams, i guess. to satisfy what he needs. to achieve what he wants most in his life. who says i don't care? who says i don't mind. i really mind. but, who am i to speak out of all this? it's just a waste. nobody listens. nobody cares about my feelings.

when he returns, life would be back to normal, he guesses. i have to admit that too. forget what i have within me. as i said, no one cares. and this is gonna happen for the rest of my life, i guess. for more than 10 or 20 years, perhaps.

i have to set my mind so that it will be easy for the future. well, i don't want my life to be this way, but who cares. mindset is important, really! so i will be strong enough in the future.


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Liana Ag. Sani said...

u have 1 and a half great guys on ur life. be proud of them. n, mybe u re lonely, but not alone. we always have Allah to rely too. :)